VEEP Graduates Get a New Brotherhood: the IBEW

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Stephenson: Union Jobs, Baseload Power Essential to New Energy Economy

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Labor Department Proposes New Pro-Employer Rule on Gig Workers

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Gallup: A Majority of Americans Support Unions

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IBEW 567 Biden, Harris swag available while it lasts.

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IBEW Local 567 joins Local S6 members in strike against Bath Iron Works

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IBEW Local 567 represents the electricians of Lewiston and the entire state of Maine.

We are proud of the tradesmen and tradeswomen, who have put the manhours into our communities to make our jurisdiction what it is today. From our highly accredited registered apprenticeship program to continued training for our Local’s journeymen, our members stay on top of their training and set the bar high for the rest of the electrical construction industry. Read More »