IBEW Local 567
238 Goddard Road, Lewiston, ME 04240
p (207) 786-9770 f (207) 786-9773
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Our Code of Excellence


The Business Manager, through and in partnership with the stewards, shall insure the following responsibilities of Local 567 in implementing the Code of Excellence are being met, every day, and by every member:


  • All members will adhere to contractual starting and quitting times, break times, and lunch periods and will not leave the jobsite without proper approval

  • All members will meet their responsibility as highly skilled craftsmen to have all the tools on the established tool list and in taking care of the tools provided by the employer

  • All members will meet their responsibility to be fit for duty and insure our zero tolerance policy for substance abuse is strictly met

  • All members will be productive and will keep idle time to a minimum

  • All members will meet their responsibility to the employer AND their fellow members employed on the job by arriving at the jobsite on time and ready to work

  • All members will meet their contractual responsibility to eliminate disruptions on the job, and will respect the property of the customer, and graffiti and other forms of destruction and waste will not be tolerated

  • All members will respect the customer, client, contractor, and the IBEW by not wearing clothing or buttons that have offensive wording or symbols

  • The Steward and leaders on the job will work with the other members who may have bad work habits, skills, or attitudes, setting a standard of quality and productivity second to none through the contributions of the whole team

  • Any method used to extend the job or create overtime shall not be tolerated

  • Any inappropriate behavior towards another member or group of members shall not be tolerated

  • No member shall solicit funds or promote the sale of any merchandise on any jobsite without the prior approval of the Business Manager

  • No use of personal cell phones will be allowed on the job except for lunch or break periods



NECA and its signatory employers have a responsibility to manage their jobs effectively, and as such have the following responsibilities under the Code of Excellence:


  • To replace and return to the referral hall ineffective superintendents, general foremen, and foremen

  • To insure proper job layout and adequate and proper materials to minimize worker downtime and insure efficient job progress

  • To insure the proper numbers and types of necessary tools

  • To insure proper storage for both contractor and employee tools

  • To insure there are adequate numbers of employees to perform the work safely and efficiently, and conversely, to limit the number of employees to the work at hand, demonstrating to the customer the efficiency of our partnership

  • To provide the necessary leadership skills for jobsite leaders to eliminate problems

  • To insure jobsite leaders take the necessary responsibility for mistakes created by management decisions

  • To eliminate unsafe work conditions, and insure that proper safety training, equipment, and methods are utilized

  • To treat all employees in a respectful and dignified manner acknowledging their contributions to a successful project.




It is understood that both Local 567 and the signatory contractors have obligations and responsibilities under the Code of Excellence. The Local’s role is to assist management with individual problems with its members, insuring success in providing honest and diligent service to the employer.

Local Union Responsibilities

  • The Steward will work with members to correct and solve problems related to job performance

  • The Local will provide specialized training for “Excellence” Stewards

  • The Steward will communicate on a regular basis with the management team to communicate job progress, work schedules, and work progress problems to the members

  • Monthly meetings will be established between the Business Manager, or his representative to discuss and resolve issues related to the compliance with the Code of Excellence. If applicable, management will be invited to attend and participate in the process

  • In the event an individual member is not meeting membership responsibilities, the Local’s Executive Board shall have the responsibility of addressing such members’ failure to meet their obligation to the Local and the IBEW, up to and including filing charges. The role of the Local is to correct the problem using all means at its disposal

  • The Steward and management will attempt to correct problems with individual members on the jobsite. If the member is unwilling or unable to make the necessary changes, management must make the decision whether the member/employee is detrimental to the goals of the Code of Excellence, and should remain employed



Management Responsibilities

The ultimate responsibility of managing the job falls squarely on the shoulders of contractor management. Problems with job performance can be addressed as follows:


  • Management will address concerns brought forth by the Steward. If the lowest level of management does not resolve the problem, the Steward may choose to address the issue with higher levels of management

  • If the issue is not resolved, the Local or contractor may call for a contractually established Labor-Management meeting to resolve concerns or issues

  • The Local may elicit customer support to address the problem

Additional Jointly Supported Methods

  • Weekly job progress “toolbox” meetings

  • Weekly LMCC session to share problems and solutions between employers

  • Foremen and General Foremen should be certified as “Excellence” job leaders through attendance of NECA’s Electrical Project Supervision classes