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What about health insurance?

Local 567 provides health insurance for its members and their families through the New England Electrical Workers Benefit Fund (NEEWBF). The NEEWBF consists of IBEW Locals 42, 104, 300, 567, and 1837. The benefits office is in Wallingford, CT, and can be reached at 1-800-832-6538. In brief, benefits include dental, eye care and eyeglass, prescription card, medical coverage, and $40,000 life insurance. From the moment you start work for a union contractor they pay $ into the fund for your insurance. When you have worked 500 hours you should call the benefits office and tell them, and they will send you the enrollment forms. Your insurance takes effect the first day of the month after you accumulate 500 hours. You do not need to be employed on the first for your insurance to take effect. Work over 150 hours per month and the excess hours are “banked.” You can “bank” up to 900 hours. Once covered, if you become unemployed, your insurance will last until your hour “bank” has been used up. Sometime prior to the cancellation of your insurance you will receive a certified letter telling you the ending date and giving you options such as:

  1. Do nothing and your insurance will lapse. To reinstate it you must work another 500 hours.
  2. Make a COBRA payment each month. When you return to work your full coverage starts the first day of the next month.

The NEEWBF is a Trusteeship made up of management and labor trustees. Full information on coverage will come when you are enrolled.

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