IBEW Local 567
238 Goddard Road, Lewiston, ME 04240
p (207) 786-9770 f (207) 786-9773
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Once I'm a member, how do I get a job?


Local 567 is the exclusive source of labor for our union contractors.  The IBEW Constitution and Local Union By-Laws give the Business Manager the responsibility to develop a fair and practical method of distributing available work among Local members. 

When you join Local 567 your name is placed on a referral list.  Depending on your license and experience you may be on the Journeyman Wireman, Journeyman Technician, or the Apprentice list.  Teledata members have their own list.

If there are ten men on your list when you join, you become number eleven.  If someone with twenty years in the local gets laid off after you’re on the list they become number twelve.  You can stay working for your current employer until you receive a job offer. 

As union contractors call for men you rise through the list.  Our current referral system works through a job “hot line” 207-786-9772.  Jobs are posted on an answering machine at 4:00 p.m. every weekday. 

If you are interested in a particular job leave your name and you will be called if you are lowest on the list of those calling in. 

The contractor has the right to refuse any applicant. 

In addition to “long term jobs” (remember, this is construction) you may be offered a “short call.”  On a “short call” you may work a job that lasts fourteen calendar days or less and upon coming back to the Hall regain your former place on your list. 

A contractor may call for someone with “special skills.”. That means someone with special training in some aspect of the trade can be called off the list before others. 

If you are unemployed you must call the hall during the 10th and 16th of the month to keep your place on the referral list.  These rules, applied consistently, mean that you and all members can be sure that available work is divided fairly among those seeking it.